Are Some Boards and CEOs More Effective than Others?

  • Is your board functioning the way you want?
  • Are your board meetings less than you desire?
  • Is the board involved in micro managing?
  • Do you know if the Board, CEO and the organization are succeeding?
  • Are you focused on strategic issues?

We know that there is a new future for Boards and CEO's!

After an eight-year tenure with Carver Governance Design, Carolyn Bailey founded Bailey Associates in 1993 to bring a unique and practical approach to governance.  In 2012, Bailey Associates became Bailey Marbaugh Consulting after Sara Marbaugh, her daughter and colleague, joined the firm. Our system integrates the Deming quality principles and Carver Policy Governance™.  Bailey Marbaugh Consulting has worked extensively with CEO's and boards across North America.  Some of these boards were in crisis and some were excellent boards that wanted to be better.  Many have asked these questions:
  • Do boards add real value?
  • Do these policies work or collect dust?
  • What does the board need to know?
  • What are indicators that we have made a difference?
  • Is this policy governance model sustainable?
  • How do we know what we should be monitoring?
  • Can we reduce waste and duplication in the board-CEO relationship?
  • What is trust in trusteeship?

Bailey Marbaugh Consulting listens. 

We hear that there is something missing!  Yes, there are solutions.  We know that there is a new future for boards and CEO's. We can help you.  After we have worked with you, your expectations can include:
  • Stewardship and empowerment without the board meddling in administration;
  • Clear roles and clear responsibilities;
  • Effective meetings and wise use of board and CEO time;
  • Appropriate board interaction with members;
  • A board that thinks and acts strategically.

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Clients report these benefits:
  • Clarity of roles

  • Effectiveness of strategic thinking

  • Communications between the board and CEO

  • Focus on long term vision

  • Consistent monitoring

  • Data for decision making

  • Documentation of stewardship

  • Keeping in touch with owners

  • Empowerment without micromanaging

  • Empowerment without rubber-stamping

  • System thinking

  • Streamlining of committees

  • Reduction of trivial activities

  • Strategic leadership

  • Continual improvement

  • Policy governance is not just another theory. With Carolyn Bailey's practical implementation strategies, it becomes a powerful tool that enables a board and CEO to march boldly into the 21st Century. Carolyn Bailey's ability to integrate policy governance, total quality theory and real-world challenges makes her unique among management consultants. We have a board that clearly demonstrates and appreciates leadership and understands its governance role as well as the partnership between staff and the board. Her powerful but practical approach to governance is unsurpassed. My unqualified recommendation.

    Leigh Wintz,CAE, Executive Director
    Soroptimist International

Bailey Marbaugh Consulting